Rihanna - Spliff

    Rihanna - Spliff
    Исполнитель Rihanna
    Дата 26 декабрь
    Категория: Lyrics - "Переводы песен"
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    Текст песни Rihanna - Spliff

    Verse 1:
    I'd rather be smoking weed,
    Whenever we breathe.
    Everytime you kiss me,
    Don't say that you miss me,
    Just come get me.

    Don't know why just know I want to
    Don't know why just know I want you

    Verse 2:
    I'd rather be breaking things,
    Cause we can't see,
    We're too busy kissing,
    Just making scenes.
    Here come the police,
    They know about your history,
    How you live and love like "fuck rules"?
    Don't care why, just know I love you.
    * * *
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